Customer Comments


Customer Comments

This comments page has been designed only for customers who have purchased and received baskets from us.

Thank you for my new corner laundry basket. It is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Your service and attention to our requirements have been excellent.

Angela M. Boyd

Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, I am so pleased that you are happy with your finished Basket and service.

Yes thank you the basket arrived.  Please do feel free to quote me to the effect that I found the basket to be very attractive and of high quality and the delivery and service highly efficient. 

Yours sincerely

Christobel Robertson

Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply.Thank you very much, I hope that you enjoy using your cycle basket.

29th July 2012

Dear Stephen Caulfield
We have now picked up our new dalmation dog and are delighted to report that the wicker dog basket that you made for us at short notice is exactly what we needed. Our dog clearly finds it roomy and comfortable.You made a strong and attractive basket that we are most grateful for.

Tony & Cynthia Wyard
Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply. I am so glad that you both are happy with the end result of your bespoke basket. 
Subject: Re : Order of Large Fishing Stool Delivered to Germany from Sussex Willow Baskets Dear Steve,the basket arrived today. It's a real beauty and the dimensions are perfect. Thank you very much for such a beautiful piece of tackle. I am sure I will carry and use it for a long and lovely time.Can you maybe give an advice on care and maintenance for the wicker.  Thank you very much, Ferid

 Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply. Hi Ferid, The best way to look after your basket is to keep it dry and out of the sun when not in use. If it needs cleaning all you need to do to maintain the willow is to wash it with warm soapy water then rinse it with clean water, then just leave it out to dry outside for a couple of hours before you put it away again until further use.

All the best and I hope you catch a big one!!

Thank you so much for the two lovely made-to-measure laundry baskets. They are absolutely perfect, and fit into the assigned space beautifully. I was also very impressed by your service, and willingness to keep me up to date on how far along they were in the build, and when I could expect them. And to have them delivered only four weeks after placing the order was amazing!

Thank you so much, I will certainly keep you details for all future bathroom and bedroom updates!

C. H. Voss


Pleasant to deal with, plus quick service and a nice basket.

D F Gregory

 Hi Steve  Thank you so very much for being very flexible and accommodating.  I'm sure I will be coming back with more business in the future.  Cheers  Joe - Director of Catering Sales London Marriott County Hall Westminster Bridge Road 25/05/2013
Steve  Basket delivered this morning.  Just right, a very good job & the colour blends in well.  Many thanks  Regards  Brian 03/06/2013 Hi Steve - just to say the basket arrived today, safe and well. Very pleased with it - its got Grandma's seal of approval too. We may be thinking about another one but on a slightly less deep base and a bit taller. I'll email you when I've measured up. Thanks again. Richard  23/01/2014   Hi Steve  It was nice to meet you yesterday  We are both very pleased with the basket, it is in use already and has a lot more space than the oak trunk we were using previously, despite being the same overall size! (it sits on the floor not on legs and the walls are thinner).  Next time I order I'll make sure it is the right size to go via the postal services!  Best regards David Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply. Hi David,
 It`s was a pleasure to meet you , it`s always nice to put a face to a name.
 I am glad that you are both happy with the basket that you ordered.

   All the best


19/12/14 Hi Stephen,

  Please find below a photo of the baskets in place.  I am very pleased with the quality, design and colour of the baskets and would like to thank you for the great service provided.  I would not hesitate to use your company again in the future.

Many thanks,
14/04/15  Wow Steve it’s beautiful and fits the space perfectly. Many thanks for such a lovely, well-crafted object   Suzanne  Sussex Willow Baskets :Reply. Hi Suzanne,

 I am pleased that you are happy with your large rectangular laundry basket.  Thank you for the nice comments
 Regards Steve


Dear Stephen,

Baskets arrived yesterday thank you.  We are very pleased with them!


Sussex Willow Baskets :Reply. Dear Kay, Thanks for letting me know that they have arrived. I am very glad that you are happy with the baskets received.
All the best



Arrived safe and sound exactly what I wanted.

 thanks again



Hello Stephen,

I am very happy with the baskets. They arrived today.

Thank you very much


Stephen !
Life has been a whirlwind !
I was not at the office the day it arrived.

Please pardon the delayed reply here.

She is an absolute beaut ! ! !
I was just admiring it and thought I must take time this morning to write to Stephen and here you are. 
Thank you thank you thank you for the loving care you clearly put into this beautiful work of art.

I am thrilled and honored to own it and use it. It is the bees knees, as we say here.

I am so happy you are keeping such a wonderful legacy alive. 

I am the daughter of a basket lover beyond words and she is in heaven thrilled as well !

I wish you all the very best, 
thank you for seeing this dream through to such a happy result, 


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for making our baskets they are a triumph! Pictures attached.

Best wishes,
Mark Rogers


Hi Stephen

Just to let you know the laundry basket arrived today safe and sound. What a wonderful job you have made of it what a skill

Thank you so much
Julia Robinson


Look good thanks a lot
Came about 7pm Alan West Sussex Willow Baskets :
Reply. Hi Alan,

Thanks for the picture.
I am glad that they have arrived on time and safely.


Hello Stephen

Happy  new year !  Finally I am back in Spain after spending Christmas in London and New Year in Shropshire.  As promised I am sending a picture of your lovely basket in situ!  I must admit I was a bit worried at first thinking I might have gone over the top with the size, but as you will see it does not dominate the hall and keeps 4 days worth of logs for the 4 log burners in the house!

Thank you for all your effort and delivering on time

kind regards

Sussex Willow Baskets :Reply.Hi Gail, Thank you for the picture. It looks good there, Yes it was an extremely large randed log basket had trouble sending as so big.
Regards Stephen


Baskets arrived. Thank you so much. They are perfect.

 PIGEON BASKET for 5-7 birds 


 Hi Stephen,
 Received my basket today. Looks beautiful and am very happy with it.

Matt Nelson

 07/02/16 Dear StephenBasket received safely, we are very pleased Thank you Kind regardsMatt  
16/02/16 Dear Stephen, The basket arrived today!
Many thanks for the beautifully made wicker basket- I hope our puppy will appreciate it.
It looks great.

very best wishes,

21/09/16 Good afternoon Stephen, I don't think I got round to thanking you for making the shopping basket - it arrived just as I was preparing to go away for few days. It is of course lovely - and much admired - and the decent-sized wheels even cope with the amazingly uneven pavements we have round here. Now I just have to work out a permanent parking bay for it in my kitchen! Thanks again, Adam
01/12/2016 Hello Stephen We have received the basket We are very happy with! Thank you very much! Regards Karen  08/04/2017  Stephen,

Our basket has arrived safely and we are delighted with it.

Best regards,

   08/04/2017  Hello Stephen,
Just to say a big thank you for the wonderful baskets. I collected them today from the depot and couldn't be happier. They will do the job nicely and serve me well for years to come I'm sure.
See attached photos as they look in situ. The sizes couldn't have been better! They also blend in well with the bookcase so a very successful outcome.

Many thanks once again!

kind regards,


Files coming soon.