Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets never went out of fashion and today in the current economic climate it has become even more important to be enviromentally friendly as resources are becoming more of an  important issue to everyone.

Different Varieties



Oval Shopping Basket

This is a Randed weave.

The handle has been made on the longer length edge side of the basket for ease of carrying.

Eastern European Style


This was a Eastern European Influenced Style Shopping Basket.

This is a randed bespoke basket that I had made for The Glyndebourne Opera House (at Ringmer), as a threatre prop for their production of La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini.



Round Shopping Basket

This basket is made in a randed weave, using two different colours making a striking contrast. The willow is steamed and white. This picture is for illustration purposes only as these are made to your own particular sizes and shaped required.



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