Cycle Baskets

Adult's Front Cycle Basket - Slewed


This is a beautiful and very strong basket. Made for an adults bike it's a D-Shaped multi-coloured front cycle. These can be produced in varies different sizes and colours

Child's Front Cycle Basket - Randed


These are beautiful and very strong baskets.

This is a picture of a child's D-Shaped  front cycle basket.

These come in varies different sizes. 

Size: 10" x 7.5" x 6" Deep

Adult Front & Rear Cycle Baskets


The bottom two pictures are of Slewed weave cycle baskets.

The left an adult's D-Shaped Front Cycle Basket & the other on the right is a Rectangular Adult's Rear Cycle basket.

Buff randed front cycle baskets

Buff randed front cycle baskets

Two beautiful and very strong buff randed cycle baskets.

This is a picture of two adult's D-Shaped  front cycle baskets.

Antique level delivery basket


Slewed level traditional delivery cycle basket.

 Starting price £75.

All ihese can be made in a randed weave also.


Antique Sloping delivery basket


Sloping backed slewed, traditional & very deep delivery basket. This has two side sets of finger holes for easy carriage.   

These can come in a variety of different sizes or can be made to measure please see below:

Adult's D-Shaped Front Cycle Basket.

1/  Small      : 13" x    8.5"   x 7"      Height

2/ Medium  : 15" x  10.25" x 8.5"   Height

3/  Large     : 17" x  12.25" x 9.75" Height

Adult's Rec-tangular Rear Cycle Basket.

1/ Small       : - Base :   8"x 4.5"x 6" Height

                         Top  : 12"x 7"

2/ Medium  : - Base : 10"x 5.5"x 7" Height

                         Top  : 14"x 9"

3/ Large      : - Base : 12"x 7"x 8.5" Height

                          Top  : 16"x 11"

    4/ Ex-Large : - Base: 14"x 8.5"x 9.75" Height 

                         Top : 18"x  12.5"