Furniture - Chair's and Settee's.


A Two Seater Settee

These are beautiful and very strong baskets.

This is a picture of a Two Seater Settee that was made as part of set. Two arm chairs and this settee for a conservatory. They were made in the fitched style so as to allow as the light t travel through the piece as possible 


A Set of Two Arm Chair's and a Settee.

Beautiful and very strong baskets.

Can be made bespoke to your own individual sizes. 

These are both beautiful and very strong Adult Settee & Arm Chair.

They are made in a fitched weave.


Children's Round and D-Shaped Chair's plus Moses Basket.

These are very charming children's chair's & moses baskets.

These picture's show different colour's of willow that can be used when  making a child's Round & D-Shaped Chair or Moses basket.